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Amazing Add-ons to boost-up your game

The Hockey App

  • No more paper! No more wasted time!
  • Easy, flexible, complete app
  • Can be used by referee or scorekeeper

Complete Web Site

  • All stats and videos logged by apps
  • User, player, team profiles
  • Schedules, Standings
  • and MUCH more...

AutoEdited Videos

  • Simple Android phones required
  • Install whereever you like: no limit in quantity
  • Enjoy all benefits of the stats web site
  • Just a simple "start" and "Stop button"

Intelligent Scoreboard

  • Controlled wirelessly by SyncStats app
  • Display Score, time, teams...
  • Also stats and even videos!
Discover How Everybody will benefit from SyncStats

For Administrator

A management solution

  • No more scoresheet retyping
  • Possible integration of our system onto you webite, for example: Max Hockey League
  • Manage your league from our website or mobile app

For Players

Enlightment to your league

  • Get instant statistics
  • Follow other teams games
  • Know where and when is your next games
  • Post presence/absence or any comment on your league's wall

For Officials (referee/scorekeeper)

A bonus on your service

  • Easy-to-use app, according to everybody who tried it
  • Keep record of score during the game
  • The app can control scoreboard during the game, no need to go to the console
  • Another way to offer more to your customers