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What's SyncCam

  • SyncCam is an innovative system to put effortlessly goals highlights on the web


  • Fully autonomous system: only "start" and "stop" button to be pressed
  • Unlimited number of view angles, the more phones you have, more angles you can take
  • Adjustable video length (25 sec is recommended)
  • Supports can be provided, even phones can be rented. Contact us!


  • Simple base system is 5$/game. Costs associated with SyncStats app are removed
  • We'll let you try few games to make sure you like it and that you know how to use it
  • Additionnal costs can be added for phone rental
  • Additionnal costs can be added if SyncStats staff has to be present (like in tournaments)

Where to start

  • At all time, you can join us by phone or by email so we can help you
  • Get yourself an account on the web site
  • Get the SyncStats app
  • Contact us to get SyncCam app