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What's SyncStats

  • It is an Android app that allows to keep track of stats on your smartphone


  • All rosters being loaded on the phone, in 5 clicks you get a goal entered and synced on the web site
  • Entering your rosters is super easy from the web site
  • Any Android phone from OS 2.1+ are good. So dig-up your old phone, it will surely be good enough!
  • It can log goal scorers and assists, time of goals, penalties, plus/minus, etc. Then the web site derives much more cool stats


  • App is free. If you don't want to pay a dime ever, you can use the app and then enter score on your website
  • Your first few games will be free. Take your time to try it, test it, check with players if they like it.
  • If you combine this with other services (like videos cameras), we'll forget to charge you!
  • If you only take stats and you finished your trial games, it will be 4$ per game on a 15+ games subscription.

Where to start

Screenshot of the in-game main page of the app